The Meaning of our "Happy Soul" Tee

I know we say it a lot, but it’s just the truth: everything we do at Heartward is tied to a mission.

We want to spread loving-kindness, we want to perpetuate positivity, and we want to encourage the little ones (and the adults) to go confidently in the direction of their heart.

This time, Heather is sharing with you her take on the “Happy Soul” tee. Read on to hear about one of her favorite family activities, and what Happy Soul means to her.

From Heather:

The “Happy Soul” tee and card remind of one of my absolute favorite things to do with my kids... ride on my Madsen Bike. I really do feel like a "Happy Soul" when we are riding our awesome bike around town. It’s so carefree and it’s one of the best ways to spend quality time with my girls.

We go to the beach, grocery store, and sometimes even to the store. My husband bought me the Madsen after Rose was born. He "rigged" up a contraption that would actually hold the baby seat! It saved me. Newborns are great and all but let’s be honest – they’re a little tough when you’re trying to go out and about.

I loved the fact that when Rose was fussy I could strap her onto the bike and we were off. It gave me a sense of freedom, and calmed her down. Also, it was something I could do with Ella Grace and the "new baby” which helped with sibling jealousy.

Our “Happy Soul” tee just takes me back to those moments riding, wind in face, warm low country air.

Being a happy soul isn’t about being happy all the time – we all know that’s not always possible. true happiness comes down to working with what you have, and making the best of your circumstances.

Sometimes, it helps to have a happy place to go back to – like my bike rides.

That’s what the “Happy Soul” tee is all about – staying positive, and finding that happy place.