Hilton Head comes to Nashville!

Last week, it was a super exciting one for us!

Heather flew from Hilton Head to Nashville on Tuesday morning. I picked her up at the Nashville airport and we did what I do every weekday afternoon- two carpools. Lol! We picked up my little guys (who were very excited to have Heather in town) and we did a little driving around so she could see Nashville during the day in the sunlight.

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After we got home, she and I went to dinner at one of the most beautiful and delicious restaurant downtown, Liberty Common. We took a bunch of photos to share. We highly recommend it. From the visual beauty to the drinks and food, it was perfect!

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On Wednesday, we had all day to go to as many spots in town that we could. I wanted to take her to a favorite spot of mine; Thistle Farms Cafe. It is not only a beautiful place it just feels good. Everyone is so happy to be there and it is doing what we live for- Being the Good!

We went from That area of town to the Gulch. I had to have Heather check out a most favorite shop of mine, Two Old Hippies. She loved it! We then walked around and popped in to some great shops. Then took a very quick stop at Matt’s work and then through 12 South and to pick up my littles.

The excitement for us, really began when we headed to Marathon Village with a big bunch of our Heartward Goods to set up at the Greenbriar Distillery for the event we were so thrilled to be a part of- with Aligent Airlines and the Hilton Head Chamber. It was great low country party to celebrate the new non stop flight from the Savannah Hilton Head Airport the the Nashville Airport! We could NOT be any more excited that we can be one quick flight to each other!

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We had the best time, sipping on the signature DELICIOUS cocktails they were serving and eating some of the low country food while talking to really wonderful folks. So many just loved our sweet little brand! We told our story and gave out so many of our things, so be on the lookout for some fun posts!

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We love telling people why we started this, what we are doing and finding out why Heartward speaks to others too! It is passing along the goodness and love we are tying so hard to share!

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Here are a few of the great bloggers and folks we met last Wednesday night, you will love them too!








So much fun with our new pals from Hip Hues!

So much fun with our new pals from Hip Hues!

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