An Ode to All Mothers


We love honoring others and being the best we can at spreading love and goodness. And, we probably get a bunch of that from our mamas!

In thinking about the upcoming day we focus on them, we wanted to share some words of wisdom from our very own moms and what we have both learned in our few years as moms ourselves. 

Heather’s Mom, Allison, is a mother of four. Heather is one of four, the only girl and the oldest. We asked Allison to tell us her words of wisdom, pieces of advice for us to share with all y’all and here is what she shared.

1. Notice wonder & curiosity in my child more than winning

2. Share daily highs & lows at dinner time

3. Mom’s need “time-out”

4. You can restart your day at any time

5. Let go of what things should look or be like

One thing I would have done totally differently would be to “cherish the now more than the next,“ and to take more time savoring the simple gifts surrounding me.

Nothing will ever come close to the joy I feel when I am with all four of my children together; being their mother is my life’s greatest privilege. 


Heather shared the below, as a mom of two little ladies. 

1. Don't take yourself too seriously

2. Perfection is impossible.

3. The mantra "this too shall pass" during the tough times {ex. sleepless nights, tantrums}

4. With that said, it all goes by quickly. Try to enjoy all the little things 5. Laugh at yourself, your kids, your husband....that's the good stuff.

If you had to do one thing totally different as a mother, what would it have been?

Worry less about food. Ha! I was so worried about organic this and veggie that. Now, I have a 3 year old that literally survives off of pasta and cheese. 

Is there anything else you would like to share with us? 

I've found so much comfort in the help of my own Mother and friends. We all do things differently. However, I think keeping an open mind and not judging other Mothersis so critical. I've formed some of the best friendships through Motherhood and my kids have greatly benefited from it. It truly takes a village, don't shy away from that. 

Jess’s mom, a mother of two girls. Jess is the oldest of the two, shared the following words of wisdom. pieces of advice with us to share. 

1. Follow your instincts.

2. Ask for help if you need it.

3. Realize your children are not extensions of yourself, but their very own “self”.

4. You cannot shield them from hurt but you can guide them through it.

5. Forgiveness and Faith is imperative. Love them.

If you had to do one thing totally different as a mother, what would it have been?

Probably not to worry so much about things that you cannot control.  Because it takes some of the joy away.  And Not to question my instincts.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us? 

You may get the highest highs and the lowest lows from parenting. Embrace it. 


Jess, mother of a little boy and a little girl, shared these bits with us. 

  1. Love is everything. Make sure no matter what, how upset you get or disappointed you may feel- make sure they know you love them unconditionally. 

  2. Teach your kids what you really want them to learn. 

  3. Lead by example and always explain why you are or are not doing something. 

  4. Laughter is so important! I always say that it is one of my very favorite things in life so I make sure we are laughing a a lot. 

  5. Collect all the moments. Share them. Do not get caught up in all the stuff, that all never matters. 

I would say that I know I will never regret the amount of time I spend with my kids! Spend as much time with them as you can, you can never take it back or get it back and it goes by so fast! And life can change in a split second, so enjoy every second of every minute. 

And lastly, never stop dating your husband. I am crazy about mine and he and my kids are everything and more to me! I always make sure we go on dates and spend time together.