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Atlanta Gift Show: Recap

Phew. We. Are. Tired. (But our hearts are soooo full)

We just returned from Heartward's FIRST EVER wholesale show in Atlanta. It was an absolute whirlwind getting to premiere our brand to the world. 

We love meeting kind, creative people, and we were lucky enough to meet a slew of them this past week. If you're one of those people -- thank you for your support and for giving even just a second of your time to talk to us. Those moments are so important.

Even on our set-up days, we could feel the magic in the air. There's just something so special about a gathering of small and medium-sized business, creatives, designers... the list goes on. 


Seeing all of our merchandise (that we've poured our heart into) displayed in our booth was truly amazing. We had so much new stuff made for the show (jewelry, onesies, tanks...) and it all went over so well. Plus, look how pretty those new Breathless Paper cards are!

As we were breaking down to leave on monday, we were thinking about how thankful we are.

We couldn't have asked for a better first year at the mart, and we're hoping for many more to come. In the meantime... you can shop all of our new merchandise!

We love you guys.