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A Holiday Recap

The holidays came and went in a whirlwind, but we didn’t forget to capture some special moments. The little things and even the brief time with friends and family are what matter, and we love looking back on these images and reminding ourselves of the joyful things on days that are hard, or just average.


Our holidays this year were a celebration of gratitude and a reminder to lead with our hearts. We hope yours were, too.


We hope you enjoy a glimpse into our holiday. Share your memories with us on Instagram with the hashtag #Heartward!


The Meaning of our "Grateful Life" Tee + Card

There couldn’t be a more perfect time to talk about this shirt and card.

Leading a grateful life is important always, but is emphasized as we near Thanksgiving and the winter holidays.

This week, we’re giving you a little background on how these words play into our lives on a daily basis, and why we picked them to use in making our Heartward goods.


These two words together are important. I am ALWAYS telling my children how truly blessed they are and how they must lead a grateful life and be the most appreciative they can be for all they are given. 

Matt and I work our tails off. We have had to help many people in our families and so many “bumps in the road” have come up and we have just powered through them together, always staying super grateful for one another and the life we lead together.

I think that when you are grateful, you are living your best life.