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"Be The Good" Patch Project

A few weeks ago when I (Jess) was sending my oldest, River off to 1st grade, I posted on the Breathless Paper Co. Instagram page about how I planned to send him off with our Heartward "Be The Good" patch on his backpack. I make a huge deal about wanting my kids to be good and kind -- it's really all that matters to me. I think this patch is the perfect reminder of that.

When it comes to school, I'm constantly thinking about the fact that my kids are shorter than most, and I always worry that they'll be picked on for it. There are always those kids that haven't been taught that that's not ok, and they find it funny to poke fun at others. The philosophy I live by and instill my kids with is that everyone is made the way they're meant to be made: big, small, short, tall. Regardless, each of us should be the good to each other and to ourselves, no matter what.

Anyhow, River's backpack has a patch he got from one of our favorite Nashville companies, Project 615 and the Heartward "Be The Good" patch. Both are on his sports themed backpack and he loves it! The best part is that he truly understands what each mean. 

My youngest, Scout just started Pre-K and her she's got a "Be The Good" patch on her bag, too.


When I posted about their backpacks, I had a ton of responses expressing how much followers love this idea. I also got to hear some amazing stories about promoting positivity and goodness. It brought me so much joy, because I love when our labors of love spark community.

A few weeks later, Heather mentioned she wanted to do something special with our patches after seeing the overwhelming response. She suggested giving one patch for each one purchased, and I was totally on board.

So, here we go! From here on out, when you buy a patch we're giving a patch.

If you're in Hilton Head or surrounding areas, drop by Louette Boutique and see Heather. Patches bought there will be ironed on bags while you shop! Purchase online (no code needed) and we will continue to update where we will be giving these away, too! Keep up with us here and on Instagram for more updates. 

And remember: BE THE GOOD.