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Book Lovers Day!

In honor of National Book Lovers Day on August 9th, we wanted to share with you our favorite book picks for your kiddos. We hope this'll re-ignite some of yours and your little ones' love for reading!

During this summer, we met up with other families in our neighborhood to bring our kids to the library and let them peruse the books and pick new favorites. Reading is such an important and powerful skill and pastime. 


In my house, we are HUGE into books! Both River and Scout have their own "libraries" and are learning to take good care of their books. River, my son, is always reading! Seriously, always. He also loves to read to his little sister... which is just the cutest. 

She loves it and is dying to learn to read. I'm sure when she gets there, she won't be able to stop either.
I'm not super into them using iPads all the time, etc., so my guys just use them for parts of long road trips, and sparingly other times. So, books are an important part of everyday for us. 

Our Favorites:

  • Rosie Revere Engineer: An all-time favorite for my kids and I! I think every kid should have this and read it over and over. It teaches the best lesson of always believing in yourself, knowing mistakes are OK, and enjoying the process.
  • The Day The Crayons Quit: This book is laugh-out-loud funny, every single time. 
  • I Love You Forever: I have to be honest... I cry (a lot) every time we read this. It's beautiful, and should be a must in your child's library.
  • Press HereThis book is super creative, and makes kids get creative too!  
  • The Hug MachineIt's as adorable as it sounds. 


We pick books to read every week, and try to change it up as much as we can. There's so much to read and so little time!

Our Favorites:

  • The Storm Whale: Not only is the story wonderful, but the illustrations are beautiful. 
  • Wave: This is one of our all time favorites. This book is only illustrations. So, every time we read it there is a different interpretation from my girls. 
  • Uni The Unicorn: Unicorns are everything in my house these days! This book is a super fun one about a Unicorn that believes little girls are real.
  • My Many Colored Days: This book totally resonates with adults as well as kids. I think it is super important to realize, not everyday is cheery, and a bad day doesn't make everything bad. 
  • All the World: This book is super special to me for many reasons. The illustrations are beyond beautiful and one of best-friends Olivia, mailed it to me out of the blue a year ago. It was so thoughtful. This book is a part of our routine most nights.

We hope you find some new favorites of your own on this list! What do you and your littles ones like to read? We're always looking for a new read...