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A Halloween Recap!

Halloween is a big holiday, especially for those with kiddos. We wanted to share with you the way each of us spent our Halloweens in Nashville and Hilton Head.

Read on to hear about trunk or treat, and a hayride that grew out of a natural disaster.

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This year, we went to a really fun trunk or treat at my daughter’s school the Sunday evening before halloween. There was a bouncy house and slide, along with cotton candy making, art projects, music and lots and lots of trunks with candy! Pretty much a dream for River and Scout.

In Nashville, Halloween night was super rainy so our awesome neighborhood changed the annual big Halloween party to the night before. So, we went to the huge block party (bouncy house, huge potluck, costume contests, music and lots of candy!). Then after the party everyone went trick or treating! It was so fun — TONS of kids and so much happiness!

My guys were a Titans Cheerleader and a UGA Bulldogs fan. Pretty easy peasy, fun costumes!

On Halloween day, I went to my sons class party and helped do face painting. It’s so fun to see all the smiling kids — even thought the sugar highs can get crazy ;)

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The Hilton Head tradition of the Gull Point Hayride started 3 years after Hurricane Matthew. Unfortunately due to the devastation of that storm most neighborhoods cancelled their Trick or Treating because of the debris on the side of all the roads (it wasn’t safe for the kiddos).

We got together with some pals and took matters into our own hands. 

Brian loaded up one of his trailers (he owns a construction company) and the dads in the neighborhood built a Hayride. This quickly became one of our favorite nights of the year! This year, all the dads met at our house the night before to create it (they were super proud of themselves — ha!).


We gather with about 10 other families and take the kids down streets in Sea Pines — it’s such a beautiful place. This year we learned the kids would rather just stay on the trailer and eat their candy rather than knock door to door. Ha!

It is such a fun night with our closest pals, and I love that this tradition grew from a rough situation.