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It has been one year.

We are headed into our full year of this sweet company. We have put so much thought into every single step we take and every one that we make. Nothing is done without careful consideration and well, heart. 

The most important thing in life is loving it. Some days are absolutely wonderful and filled with everything and more. Other days are the absolute opposite. But all days need the right direction and in our lives the only way to keep on going is Heartward. 

We started with a mission. To help our four little love muffins and every child we can, to be the good and always no matter what to be kind. 

We just feel thankful that we can do this and are excited for where it will go. 

Everything from a handwritten note to a cozy tee or a beautiful photo we receive, it all means the same to us!! 

Go Heartward. Moving in the direction of your heart. 


Heather + Jess 

The Meaning of "Heartward"

So much of what we do here at Heartward is rooted in a mission -- to spread loving-kindness, to live life with our hearts on our sleeves, and to encourage others to do the same. That's why we think it's important to take a second to step back from the craziness to tell you a bit more about what exactly "Heartward" means, why we love the word, and why it's our company's and our personal driving force every single day.

I (Jess, that is) first heard the word in a religion class in my Catholic high school. When my teacher first said the phrase "moving heartward" I quickly questioned whether it was even a word, and if so, what on earth did it mean? 

Heartward Card
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After researching a bit, it was clear to me that "heartward" and its meaning would be a special part of my life from that point on. 

To "move in the direction of your heart" sounds so simple, but takes so much thought and resilience and love (for all people).

The older I got the more I realized how important the word was and how letting your heart be your guiding force in the face of trying situations and tough decisions almost always leads you to a place of fulfillment. 

It's only fitting that, so many years later, Heather and I started this company, centered around what it means to move heartward. We want to pass along the message of leading with love, because let's face it – we can all use a little more of it these days.

When it comes down to it, love and loving those around you is all that you have and all that matters. We believe in teaching this to little ones from an early age, and that's what Heartward is all about.

All that being said, our Product of the Month this August is our "Heartward" greeting card. We're hoping you'll be encouraged to send a special note to someone who needs and deserves it. Don't keep that love to yourself!