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Retail is Live!

Hi from Heartward! We're so excited to say that you can now purchase all of our tees and cards right here on the site, and they'll ship straight to your door. YAY! 

All those shirts you've seen on Instagram, you can now hold in your hands, anywhere in the country. That means we can really begin our mission of spreading loving-kindness and encouraging others to go in the direction of their heart. 

Click HERE to start shopping, and as always contact us if you have any questions or just want to chat. Plus, tag photos of yourself or your littles in their tees on Instagram -- we love seeing our tees at work. :) 



Why Heartward?

Welcome to Heartward! You might be wondering why we chose the name "Heartward," and you might be curious as to what that word even means. We think it perfectly embodies our mission and the life behind our goods. Read the definition below, and we think you'll agree. 

Heartward_definitiongraphic-01 (1).jpg

Thanks for visiting our site! We hope to see you again soon. Check back here for behind-the-scenes looks at Heartward, fun specials, cool ideas, and lots of love.