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It has been one year.

We are headed into our full year of this sweet company. We have put so much thought into every single step we take and every one that we make. Nothing is done without careful consideration and well, heart. 

The most important thing in life is loving it. Some days are absolutely wonderful and filled with everything and more. Other days are the absolute opposite. But all days need the right direction and in our lives the only way to keep on going is Heartward. 

We started with a mission. To help our four little love muffins and every child we can, to be the good and always no matter what to be kind. 

We just feel thankful that we can do this and are excited for where it will go. 

Everything from a handwritten note to a cozy tee or a beautiful photo we receive, it all means the same to us!! 

Go Heartward. Moving in the direction of your heart. 


Heather + Jess 

A Holiday Recap

The holidays came and went in a whirlwind, but we didn’t forget to capture some special moments. The little things and even the brief time with friends and family are what matter, and we love looking back on these images and reminding ourselves of the joyful things on days that are hard, or just average.


Our holidays this year were a celebration of gratitude and a reminder to lead with our hearts. We hope yours were, too.


We hope you enjoy a glimpse into our holiday. Share your memories with us on Instagram with the hashtag #Heartward!