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Our Favorite Summer Treat Spots: Nash + HHI

It's summertime, it's hot, and the kiddos are home. So... what to do? For us, it's all about those little outings, like trips to the ice cream shop.

The best summer days are built around something simple like that, we think. Plus, supporting our local businesses, restaurants, etc., is what we L-O-V-E! 

We want to share with you a little "taste" of our favorite places to frequent in Nashville (Jess) and Hilton Head (Heather). We think our towns are pretty great and these hotspots are what make it that way. Come visit!

Jess' Faves: 


Five Daughters Bakery: AMAZING donuts, and so much more. There are bakeries located in the Nashville neighborhoods of 12 South and East Nashville, as well as nearby Franklin.

Las Paletas: The perfect way to cool down -- a popsicle. Find 'em in 12 South. 


Bobbies Dairy Dip: For an old school treat, go to Bobbies in West Nashville. 

Frisson Soft Serve Gelato: This is a food truck... that serves gelato. What's not to love?! (They also recently opened a brick & mortar shop!)

Fox's Donut Den: My kiddos love this Green Hills shop. We can never get enough donuts. 

Jeni's Ice Cream: We had to include Jeni's. They always have a new and exciting flavor. Find shops in 12 South, Hillsboro Village and East Nashville.



Heather's Faves:


Hilton Head Ice Cream: This is an island staple -- they've been making homemade ice cream since 1982, and I've been going here since I was about 8 years old. Ella Grace (my 4 year old) is partial to the Superman flavor because its bright blue... and requires a TON of napkins. My favorite is Praline and little Rose gets whatever her sister loves. 

The Purple Cow: My friend Bernie started making mini-cheesecakes called Baby Cakes years ago. She sells to the majority of HHI restaurants. A few years ago she expanded from her kitchen to an actual brick & mortar restaurant called The Purple Cow. Her desserts are to die for! Seriously, everything is sooooo good, but I'm partial to the Baby Cakes. The girls LOVE this place because of the Purple Cow on the door...obviously.

HW BLOG HHI Alljoy Donut.PNG

All Joy Donut Co.: Just a short drive over the bridge to Bluffton, SC, All Joy Donut Co. is on the water and such a fun & quirky shop. I never really thought of boating and donuts going together, but it totally works. I love their creative spirit and it is totally worth the short drive over the bridge to grab these!

Sweet Frog: I have a love/hate relationship with Sweet Frog. It is located just outside our neighborhood (Sea Pines), and we pass it everyday. It is next to the grocery store we go to. My kids ask to go literally EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Ha! According to my kiddos, Sweet Frog is only open 1 day a week. A little white lie never hurt nobody, right? My girls love the "self serve" part and the staff is super sweet to us. 

Is your sweet tooth tingling yet?! Happy Summer -- here's to "treating" yourself!